nutty as a fruit cake

nutty as a fruit cake
funny, kooky, mad as a hatter

Do I know Karl? Yes, I do. He's nutty as a fruit cake!

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  • fruit·cake — /ˈfruːtˌkeık/ noun, pl cakes [count] 1 : a very sweet cake that contains nuts, fruits, and spices 2 informal : a foolish, strange, or crazy person : ↑nut He s a real …   Useful english dictionary

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  • fruitcake — fruit|cake [ˈfru:tkeık] n 1.) [U and C] a cake that has dried fruit in it 2.) informal someone who is mentally ill or behaves in a strange way ▪ He s an absolute fruitcake. ▪ You really are nutty as a fruitcake (=crazy) …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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  • fruitcake — /ˈfrutkeɪk/ (say froohtkayk) noun 1. a rich cake containing currants, nuts, lemon peel, etc. 2. Colloquial a foolish or eccentric person. –phrase 3. nutty as a fruitcake, Colloquial foolish; very eccentric. Also, fruit cake …  

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